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Czechoslovak XenaCon 2002

   The Czechoslovak XenaCon 2002 took place from August 9th to August 11th in the village called Borac. It was un-official, non-commercial, purely fan-organised.
   It was the second meeting of Czechoslovak xenites. The first one took place just one year ago at the same location, but it was "only" a projection of complete season six, which still wasn't aired in Czech Republic nor at Slovakia. But this year it was quite different.

Day 0 - Thursday August 8th

   The organizers arrived one day earlier to prepare everything into perfect state.

So little time,
so much to do.
XenaWall is being made.
Let there be dark so
the moving pictures can be seen.
"When in battle keep your head"
One of the props for the Saturday's evening theatrical performance.
It was a hard day.
So what will we do right now?
Party time!!
   And on that day, during the latenight unplanned theatrical rehearsal, a new heroine was born...
Xena: AA Princess
(Any similarity to actual persons, living, dead, fictitious or copyrighted, is purely intentional.)
   She saved a poor village, that run out of vodka and the villagers were on the edge of becoming teetotallers, by giving them the liquor she forced from Ares's rich suplies. Everybody was happy again and Xena letf to spread Message Of Bottle all around the known world.

Day 1 - Friday August 9th

Yesterday was a very hard day yesterday.
It's morning already?
That's not humanly possible.
computer & Eli
Some xenites sitting at the stairs outside.
Some visitors arriving.
Sleeping area.
Let's fight!
The only celebrities we managed to gather ;-)
"You can't have fire without wood, Brutus."
   At 7 p.m. the convention was declared open.
   After that projection of When Fates Collide episode followed.

   After that all people moved to the camp fire and started to roast sausages and of course to talk about Xena.
"I love fire. It's always been a part of me, since Xena's army burned my home. And that fire turned my family to ashes. And everybody died that day."
Oh yeah, we love fire to :-)
   At 11 p.m. there was projection of A Friend In Need Director's Cut. Then some people went to sleep, some were discussing Xena's finale and some continued at the camp fire.

Day 2 - Saturday August 10th

   As the first item on the Saturday's menu there was projection of excellent Rheingold episode.

   Sasa and her speech about Joseph LoDuca's music was next. She analysed some of musical themes from XWP series into details and in very expert fashion.
   Next was projection of The Ring episode followed by Kubulla's talk about how the things are going at big official Xena conventions.
Attempting to simulate Hudson Leick's scream
   Then the Norse Trilogy was finished by projection of Return Of The Valkyrie episode.

   And because human beings need to eat too, rosted pork was served.
Eat eat eat!!
   SeXena presented her favourite Back2Back Action Hour to the ones who missed it.
   The Xena trivia contest took place at the outside, directed by SeXena and Kubulla.
"No no, you're not right!"
And the winner is... Ziina!
   Meanwhile inside all was finished up for the theatrical performance of the dramatization of first scroll from recently found so-called "Brown Scrolls", entitled Another Boring Day In Life.
The theatrical poster
Xena, Gabrielle and Joxer
Xena's dreaming, that someday she'll find nice husband.
Anonymous villager is looking for some hero to save his village.
Hercules offers his help, but he's rejected, because hero is needed, not a bad bricklayer.
Hercules sings a sad song,
Gabrielle, Xena and villager dance.
Xena on Argo, villager and Gabrielle ride to the village.
Xena and Gabrielle meet Joxer.
At Ares's temple.
Xena, Ares, Gabrielle, Joxer and Afrodite
Iolus and Hercules sing about their relationship.
Mr. Bad Guy
Gabrielle tries to talk bad guy to live peaceful life.
Xena and Joxer are bored by that and so they start to play cards...
... and Xena wins Joxer's helmet.
Eli is trying to help Gabrielle with the way of love...
... but it didn't worked out and so Xena have to walk the old way.
Xena wins again.
But Gabrielle decides to stay with Joxer, because thanks to him she finally understands the true meaning of term 'Way of Love'.
Ares takes care of depressed Xena.
Hey, stop, this isn't the right ending, it was fabricated by Ares. Here is the true one.
This is right - Gabrielle and Xena happy together...
... and they walk together into the sunset.
   At the night there were only projections - Been There Done That, Fins Femmes And Gems, Many Happy Returns, Lyre Lyre Hearts On Fire and The Bitter Suite.

Day 3 - Sunday August 11th

collective photo
   On the last day there were only projections - You Are There, Old Ares Had A Farm and Soul Possession.

   And after that just the way back home.


This convention was dedicated to the memory of Kevin Smith.